Private Sessions

Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Reiki & Spiritual Counselling

Private lessons are designed and programmed for your individual needs.

You can benefit from private classes in so many ways, such as;
-Strengthening or bringing flexibility to a particular parts of your body; shoulders, legs, back, core etc.
-Working on advanced postures such as; headstand, handstand and arm balances,
-Having yoga therapy for specific health problems,
-Improving your breathe and having more control of your breathing,
-Helping to improve on positive thinking pattern and changing the habits of your mind,
-Establishing a practice which is suitable for your needs,
-Increasing the awareness for different layers of yourself,
-Working on the chakra system,
-Deepening your practice with correct approach and understanding,
-Learning the philosophy of yoga and practising the yoga principles.
-Healing yourself and discovering your inner guidance/guru. 
Private sessions can be for absolute beginners, improvers, intermediate and advance levels. We use different forms of yoga and the other techniques -if necessary- to be able to support you the best way in your journey. 
The classes can be in your own home, at ours or another available space. They can be given as one-to-one sessions or with a small group of your friends or family members (contact us for group prices).

We offer a free 15 minutes consultation prior to the private class. A normal lesson runs for 1 hour but it can be extended or shortened depending on the individuals.
- Yoga
- Meditation
- Pranayama
- Reiki
- Spiritual Counselling

* Please discuss block booking with us.
* Pre-booked sessions can be extended only one week.
Please contact us for more information.