Useful Info

Tips for Your Yoga Practice
1. Please inform your teacher if you have any health issues or any other medical concerns before you attend the yoga class.

2. Please make sure that you attend the class with an empty stomach. If this is difficult for you then have a cup of tea, coffee, cocoa or milk before the practice.

3. To be comfortable during the practice, eat a very light meal 1 hour before or a normal meal 2-3 hours before. If you had a heavy meal it should be more than 4 hours before the yoga.

4. Before starting the yoga, the bladder and bowel should be emptied.

5. You should not feel strain in the facial muscles, ears and eyes during the practice.

6. Your breathing should be through the nostrils only, never through the mouth unless you have a health issue. (Please discuss with your teacher.)

7. Make sure that your breathing is soft and deep during the practice. Harsh and short breath can unsettle the mind. If you don’t know what all this means, do not worry. Ask your teacher prior to the class and it will be explained.

8. Do not hold or restrain the breath while moving into an asana (posture) or while staying in it.

9. After finishing your yoga practice allow yourself 15 minutes before you take a shower and 30 minutes before you eat.

10. Do not practice inversion asanas (postures), such as headstands and shoulder stands, during the menstrual period.
After yoga practice

You might feel some mild muscle ache the day after or more likely two days after practicing asanas (postures), 
especially if you are new to yoga or if you are not practicing yoga regularly. The reason for this is yoga practice wakes up
the sleeping muscles in the body. A gentle practice the following day will help to relieve muscle ache.